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We can fail sometimes. Setbacks are part of working for the life you deserve. If you never reach your goals or give up, reevaluate your goal-setting process. To put it another way, if you have set objectives and they haven’t been met, it’s likely because they aren’t SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, […]


Apprenez À Parlez Anglais En Quelques Mois Seulement

Nos cours particuliers d’Anglais vous permettront d’apprendre à parler anglais couramment comme un natif   L’anglais est notamment l’une des langues les plus parlées au monde soit dans le domaine des affaires ou même dans notre vie quotidienne. Parlez Anglais non seulement vous permettra de communiquer aves des anglophones mais également de suivre les nouveautés […]

E-learning as Good as Face to Face Learning

E-learning as Good as Face to Face Learning

With evolving technology, online English learning has gained immense popularity. However, there still lies a question about its effectiveness. According to many, learning a foreign language online might not fetch the desired outcome when compared to traditional classroom programs. So, its’s high time to point out that, under appropriate coaching and learning settings, online English […]

Academic English
Academic Writing

Academic Writing and its importance

What is academic writing and why it is important? Academic writing is a clear and simple, yet formal format of imparting any subjective knowledge. It is critically important for students in every sphere of academics, be it school, college or universities. However, a fair number of students, teachers and parents still don’t have a good […]

Academic English
Introduction to Academic English

Introduction to Academic English

Introduction to Academic English In simple language, academic English refers to the type of English used by students and teachers for educational purpose in the field of academics. It includes any kind of oral, written, audio and video English that contributes to learning in schools, colleges and universities. Academic English is all about framing your […]

English For Life
Unfreeze Your English

Unfreeze Your English to Have a Small Talk

While you’re at your work place, communication with colleagues is mostly restricted to business talks and knowledge transfer. However, because of your social nature, you also intend to connect with them personally. You feel the same during your business meetings across the globe. You meet new international clients, colleagues and want to share with them […]

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