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Polished Presentation

Polished Presentation without more Vocabulary

Deliver a struggle-free business presentation without much vocabulary

Azhar has an upcoming client meeting for a prestigious project and his boss trusted him with a key presentation. He is already stuffed with a busy work schedule and now this upcoming presentation is driving him crazy.  Definitely, he wants to live up to his boss’s expectation, but at the same time, he is skeptical about his Business English vocabulary. He has an existing notion in his mind that more stock of words during the presentation will help him to create a better impression before his boss as well as the client.

In this current situation of lockdown life, Azhaar is unable to fetch that adequate in-person help from his colleagues that he would otherwise get if they were working at the office. So, he calls up his best friend and asks him to provide him with some attractive professional Business English vocabulary that he can utilize in his slides. He felt that is the only way he could showcase his expertise. However, his friend followed a different approach. Instead of sending out the list of words, his friend decides to have a short conversation with him and ends up asking him a few basic questions listed below:

  1. The objective of his presentation
  2. Key points he wants to highlight
  3. Type of audience
  4. If his slides speak volume of the information that he wants to pass on to his audience
  5. Kind of questions he is expecting from his audience
  6. Does he have the answers to these possible questions?

Surprisingly, he addressed all of these questions with his existing English vocabulary. So, what was the issue then? Why was he stressed and in dire need of fascinating Business English words?

It was his wandering thoughts that created the problem. His thoughts were not well structured and due to his constant search of words at the same time, while explaining one thing, he would inadvertently diverge into the other.

To be an effective communicator in any professional field you should have a well-framed thought prior to your outflow of words. One might think that he/she doesn’t have the time for ‘before thinking!’. How about just 30mins of your day and 3 crucial steps to follow before you deliver that dream presentation. Sounds great now? Here is a brief look at it:

Imagine a scenario of launching two similar products in the market and detailing their pros & cons.

Step 1: Know your audienceà Enquire the background of your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand what kind of information they would like to fish out from your presentation.

Step 2: Make a storyà Try to maintain a proper flow of information when you change the slides. It should not terminate abruptly. Start with a brief introduction of both the products, compare their pros and cons in a series of slides, and end it with your opinions and expectations from both of them. Then leave it to the audience to choose for their own.

Step 3: Short and simpleà With minimal words, form an overall idea of the presentation. Work on the key information with your existing English vocabulary.  Emphasize communicating your message rather than focusing on the number of words you are using. 

These 3 steps suggestions for business presentation provided that much-needed confidence to Azhar. The outcome was he delivered a splendid presentation and was greatly appreciated by his boss and client. Post client meeting presentation, he dropped a message of gratitude to his friend stating that he realized that main idea is to organize the thoughts before presenting. He acknowledged how the ‘3 step and 30 mins of practice’ helped him to polish his presenting skills.

Still, striving hard to excel in business English for your career advancement? Make the most of this quarantine period and Sign up for our English for work courses with Express English. One must keep in mind that contrary to academic English, business English is more specific and restricted to the relevant work contexts. Hence, you don’t need a huge vocabulary for it. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate you can always brush up your business English skills.

At Express English, you have the luxury to take one to one online business English lessons from our professional Business English tutors. Express English offers a wide range of concrete and improvised modular structured business English courses opening doors for numerous career opportunities. Join the ‘Business End Result’ course to leave a striking impression on your next business meeting. So, hurry up and get started with your own personalized business English learning path with Express English and enrich your professional growth.

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